Different Patterns Installation

parquet-a-l-anglaise-150x150Random joint staggering:
Boards are arranged in parallel rows of various lengths and joints between two successive boards appear randomly. This is the most classic pattern.

coupe-de-pierre-150x150Patterned joint staggering:
Boards are arranged in parallel rows of fixed lengths and joints are at half-length, very much like bricks in a wall.

parquet-pont-de-bateaux-e1409907630308-150x150Random width:
This method consists of using three different board widths and installing them in an ascending order.
Fixed length boards are arranged in chevrons.

parquet-point-de-hongrie-150x150Chevron :
The boards are also arranged in a chevron pattern but their tips are cut obliquely so as to create a straight line at their extremity (the blades are manufactured at the factory).

parquet-versaille-150x150parquet-chantilly-150x150parquet-arenberg-150x150Versailles, Chantilly, Arenberg:
These are traditional boards, pegged or not, measuring 1m2.
They were frequently installed in French chateaux.
The latter castles have given these hardwood floor patterns their names and prestige.