Laminate Flooring


The term refers to the flooring’s structure.
A laminate flooring is composed of several layers glued together.
Its top, fine wood layer is called veneer and varies according to the thickness, width and price of the flooring chosen.
Floating floors are called as such in reference to their installation method.
A floating flooring consists of boards that are glued into grooves, tongues or that are sealed with a clipping system but remain free from its support.

Different thicknesses of laminated floorings:

Laminated floorings generally come in thickness of 14 to 23 mm and width of 120 to 190mm.

Installing laminated flooring:

Laminated floorings do not exceed 15 mm in thickness and can be installed floating.
For laminated floorings exceeding 15 mm in thickness, a glued installation is recommended to meet manufacturers’ standards.
An acoustic underlay will be installed in both cases.