Solid Wood Floors


PRODESIGN PARQUET offers various hardwood floorings in French and American oak as well as in exotic wood.
Hardwood flooring has been known in France for several decades and PRODESIGN PARQUET has made it its specialty.
Hardwood planks are made from a single piece of wood. They do not result from an assembly process but rather are processed out of a single piece of timber.

10mm thick hardwood floors

These consist of slats called boards. They are of set length and are mainly laid in mosaic, joint staggering or herringbone patterns.

12, 14 or 15mm thick hardwood floors

Planks fit into each other with tongues and grooves engineered out of their four sides. They can be used to achieve different designs (parquetry, friezes, etc).
14 and 15 mm hardwood floorings can be laid with joint staggering, herringbone or chevron patterns (prior milling in the factory being necessary for the latter).
Thicknesses between 15-20 mm can only be glued fully or in beads.

Traditional hardwood floor, over 20mm

Planks also fit into each other and all patterns are available: joint staggering, random width, chevron, herringbone or with more upscale designs such as Versailles, Arenberg or Chantilly boards.
20mm thick hardwood floors are usually nailed to bearing joists or screeds but can also be glued according to manufacturers’ standards.

Hardwood flooring finishes

poncage-en-point-de-hongrie-vernis-satine-2-150x150Compared to laminated flooring, solid wood flooring not only lasts longer but can also be ordered with an oiled, varnished, waxed or aged finish. A plain finish can also be ordered so as to let the flooring specialist apply a fitting finish on site.

Conditions under which hardwood is preferred to laminated flooring:

In bathrooms:
In any room susceptible to be exposed to humidity, exotic hardwood floorings such as teak, cumaru and ipe are recommended as they provides a natural resistance to moisture.
However, such floorings are installed with polyurethane seals between each plank (boat deck installation).

In case of discontinuous support:
If the support consists of joists or old beams, traditional hardwood flooring is the most appropriate solution.